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Professional Links


The Russian Insurance


1. Insurance Today



2. Russian Polis


3. Laboratory of Actuarial Research of Finance Academy


4. Association of European Businesses in RF



Actuaries Worldwide

1. Excellent collection of the International Actuarial Links by Henk Wolthuis

The notification from the site: "As Henk Wolthuis has retired from the University of Amsterdam, this page is no longer updated, and will eventually vanish without notice. Until then, it might still be useful for some".

2. Risklab of the ETH


3. IIPR of the University of Waterloo in Canada



4. Insurance Gateway (South Africa)

Insurance Gateway is an online information portal providing information about all sectors of the South African insurance market.



5. Risk theory for professionals and students


Risk theory is a theory of decision-making under probabilistic uncertainty. From mathematical point of view it is a branch of probability theory, while its applications cover all aspects of life. Financial applications are most advanced, including banking, insurance, managing market and credit risks, investments and business risks. To name just a few, there are also applications to managing risks of health hazard, environment pollution, engineering and ecological risks.



6. Site "Actuarial science" of University of Leuven


Actuarial Professional Bodies

1. International Actuarial Association


2. European Actuarial Academy


3. Society of Actuaries


4. Casualty Actuarial Society


5. Institute and Faculty of Actuaries


6. DAV (The German Association of Actuaries)



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