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Capabilities of STATISTICA for computer statistical data analysis


STATISTICA offers a comprehensive array of analytical tools for virtually any application.

Modern actuary has to constantly improve the skills of practical application of statistical theory in the core issues of insurance.

STATISTICA contains a wide array of methods for analyze actuary information, include database query tools, graph and descriptive analyze, advanced modeling and forecasting.

See Courses STATISTICA for actuaries

Modules and capabilities of STATISTICA:

1. STATISTICA Base a comprehensive set of essential statistics.

    All STATISTICA graphics tools
    Descriptive statistics and exploratory data analysis
    Correlations Interactive probability calculator
    T-test (and other tests for group differences)
    Frequency tables, crosstabulation tables, stub-and-banner tables, multiple response analysis
    Multiple regression methods
    Nonparametric statistics
    Analysis of variance
    Distribution fitting

2. STATISTICA Advanced Linear/ Nonlinear Models a wide array of the most advanced modeling and forecasting tools, including automatic model selection facilities and extensive, interactive visualization tools.

    General linear models
    Generalized linear/ nonlinear models
    General regression models
    General partial least squares models
    Variance components
    Survival analysis
    Nonlinear estimation
    Fixed nonlinear regression
    Log-linear analysis of frequency tables
    Time series/ forecasting
    Structural equational modeling

3. STATISTICA Multiple Exploratory Techniques a broad selection of exploratory techniques for various types of data, with extensive, interactive visualization tools.

    Cluster Analysis
    Factor Analysis
    Principal Components and Classification Analysis
    Canonical Analysis
    Reliability/ Item Analysis
    Classification Trees
    Correspondence Analysis
    Multidimensional Scaling
    Discriminant Analysis
    General Discriminant Analysis Models

4. STATISTICA Neural Network the most comprehensive selection of neural network methods with intelligent problem solvers and automatic wizards; C-code Generator.

5. STATISTICA Power Analysis an extremely precise and user-friendly, specialized tool for analyzing all aspects of statistical power and sample size calculation.

    Sample size Calculation
    Statistical Distribution Calculators
    Confidence Interval Estimation

STATISTICA contains a built-in STATISTICA Visual Basic language (SVB) professional environment for developing extensive custom applications. SVB automatically record macros (logs) and use them in future analyses.

Published books about STATISTICA

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Laboratory is headed by Vsevolod K. Malinovskii, Ph.D., D.Sc.



Actuarial consulting

Laboratory supplies professional consulting on methodology of actuarial computations and related problems in life, non-life insurance, reinsurance and pensions.
Among the consultancy projects done by the Laboratory are the



Modern Actuarial Risk Theory: multivariate analysis and Generalized Linear Model (GLM).
The book "Modern Actuarial Risk Theory" by R. Kaas, M. Goovaerts, J. Dhaene, M. Denuit was translated in Russian and published recently under the editorship of V.K. Malinovskii.



Dr. Michel M. Dacorogna, Member of the Senior Management of SCOR Group, held in April 23-24, 2008, the seminar entitled "Economics of Risk in Insurance".
Seminar took place in Moscow (Smolenskaya str., 5, the "Golden Ring" hotel) and comprised four talks:
1. The Price of Risk in Insurance.
2. Capital and Capital Management.

3. Adding time diversification to risk diversification.
4. ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), Towards an Holistic View of Risk Management.
Seminar was organized by the Association of European Businesses in RF with the participation of the Laboratory of Actuarial research of Finance Academy and financial support of the Representative offices in Moscow of Gen Re and of SCOR.



The 38th International ASTIN Colloquium was held in Manchester, UK, from Sunday
13 July to Wednesday 16 July, 2008.

It was a memorable event, professionally and socially, held in the heart of the United Kingdom. Participants enjoyed the warm hospitality of the British Actuarial Profession.



The 39th International ASTIN Colloquium was held in Helsinki, Finland, from Monday
1 June to Thursday 4 June, 2009.

Participants were particularly interested in that event dedicated to the memory of Teivo Pentikäinen whose contribution to the mathematical modelling of the insurance process is known worldwide.



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