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Laboratory has participated in many international conferences dedicated to the different aspects of the actuarial practice and actuarial science.


39th ASTIN Colloquium (June 1-4, 2009, Helsinki, Finland).


38th ASTIN Colloquium (July 13-16, 2008, Manchester, UK).


Actuarial seminar of Michel Dacorogna.
Held by the Insurance and Pension Committee of the Association of European Businesses with the assistance of the Moscow office of Gen Re and the Moscow office of SCOR Group (23--24 April 2008).



Russian-Swiss seminar on Econometrics and Statistics.




South African International Insurance Conference (Johannesburg, 2007, January, 31 - February, 1).

Contribution of V.K.Malinovskii "Managing solvency - a risk theory insight"
Программа конференции



28-th International Congress of Actuaries (Paris, April 28 - May 2, 2006).

Contribution of Vsevolod Malinovskii: "Risk theory insight into the asset-liability and solvency adaptive management"


Round table "Aspects of modern actuarial profession"' (2006, May 19).

Contribution of V.K.Malinovskii "Actuarial profession and Russian Probability school"




Second fall school of Hungarian Actuarial Society (4-5 November 2005).

Talk of V.K.Malinovskii

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34th ASTIN Colloquium (August 24-27, 2003, Berlin, Germany).



27th International Congress of Actuaries (March 17--22, 2002, Cancun, Mexico).



31st International ASTIN Colloquium (17--20.09.2000, Porto Cervo, Italy).



26th International Congress of Actuaries (7--12.6.1998, Birmingham, UK).




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Laboratory is headed by Vsevolod K. Malinovskii, Ph.D., D.Sc.



Actuarial consulting

Laboratory supplies professional consulting on methodology of actuarial computations and related problems in life, non-life insurance, reinsurance and pensions.
Among the consultancy projects done by the Laboratory are the



Modern Actuarial Risk Theory: multivariate analysis and Generalized Linear Model (GLM).
The book "Modern Actuarial Risk Theory" by R. Kaas, M. Goovaerts, J. Dhaene, M. Denuit was translated in Russian and published recently under the editorship of V.K. Malinovskii.



Dr. Michel M. Dacorogna, Member of the Senior Management of SCOR Group, held in April 23-24, 2008, the seminar entitled "Economics of Risk in Insurance".
Seminar took place in Moscow (Smolenskaya str., 5, the "Golden Ring" hotel) and comprised four talks:
1. The Price of Risk in Insurance.
2. Capital and Capital Management.

3. Adding time diversification to risk diversification.
4. ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), Towards an Holistic View of Risk Management.
Seminar was organized by the Association of European Businesses in RF with the participation of the Laboratory of Actuarial research of Finance Academy and financial support of the Representative offices in Moscow of Gen Re and of SCOR.



The 38th International ASTIN Colloquium was held in Manchester, UK, from Sunday
13 July to Wednesday 16 July, 2008.

It was a memorable event, professionally and socially, held in the heart of the United Kingdom. Participants enjoyed the warm hospitality of the British Actuarial Profession.



The 39th International ASTIN Colloquium was held in Helsinki, Finland, from Monday
1 June to Thursday 4 June, 2009.

Participants were particularly interested in that event dedicated to the memory of Teivo Pentikäinen whose contribution to the mathematical modelling of the insurance process is known worldwide.





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